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"Common bindrunes": [23], [24]
"Mixed bindrunes": [4].

"Common bindrunes": [20], [21], [22].

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"Mixed bindrunes": [3].

"Common bindrunes": [17], [18].

"Mixed bindrunes":

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[1], [4].

"Triadic bindrunes:
[3], [3.1], [3.2].

"Common bindrunes":
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"A look from the other side"

We have made an attempt to join two ways of working- binding runes by Alpan and binding words by Esgal - as an experiment. Most of the ligatures' describtions include simple text comments and word binds, also an enlarged picture of the sign itself (in the left upper corner) and, sometimes, a picture of the amulet (in the right lower corner).

What this is
СWord bind is a spell of indirect action, based on principles of associative connection and aesthetics. It's structure similar to bindrunes' in some way - both are connections of powers, both have to be a piece of art and correspond with the laws of harmony. That is why we got an idea to unite them.

Which way it can be used
Only a creator of a bindrune can fully activate it. If any person wants to achieve the same effect as a creator of this bindrune a detailed explanation is necessary even if there is a drawing.
Word binds usually affect everybody in a similar way.
On the other hand word binds are effective, but "one time" and not long lasting spells.
When connected with each other words give an "emotional interface", and bindrune - "long time memory".

How it works
Word bind affects conjurer's mind directly, getting him started and immersing into it's atmosphere. It makes a tuning (a move of the assembling point) according to the goal established.

How to work with it
Almost all of the word binds here were written in connection with specific bindrunes (or vice versa).
That's why mutual accordance is provided. I think that a word bind should be used twice during a ritual.

First time - you read it to yourself for your own tuning when beginning your ritual. Try to have (let it be in your mind) an image (not a logical word describtion) of your final goal. The runes you carve and inspire will automatically get an aspect very close to the desired. Your mind just turns the sides of rune bricks the way you need it.
Second time - сyou use a word bind after an energetical inspiration of the bindrune. And here you need deep immersion. Is it necessary to read aloud? It's personal for everyone depending on one's peculiar features. One can get to the top of concentration by silent immersion into this atmosphere (reading aloud will only disturb). The other one gets it through an outer rejection (so reading aloud is necessary). Everyone knows for himself.
After putting yourself into this deep immersion apply, project, even type the image of the word bind into the bindrune created and fix it as an essential part of it. Well, that's it. Next steps are taken according to the ritual.

As you see the word bind gives only one direction - the one that I consider the closest.
If any of your rune interpretations is not the same as the one suggested (you expect something different) - do it as usual - no words.
You can test the "sign-word" bind without leaving the page. Read the verse and project the mood on the bindrune. If you feel that the reality around you moved a little - all right, it works!

Good luck in your experiments


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